Alex Snitker: Why fighters for liberty should join the Libertarian Party

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Alexander Snitker, a former Libertarian Candidate for the United State Senate. Snitker is the co-host and co-founder of the 1787 Network and Liberty Underground Radio. He is also the co-founder of Liberty Takeover 2012, which is a local movement to elect liberty-leaning individuals into local, statewide, and national offices from around the State of Florida.

In the wake of Ron Paul’s failed attempt to secure the Republican Nomination for President, there has been dissension within the Liberty movement as to what the best course of action should be taken between now and 2016. One group believes that liberty-leaning individuals should remain in the GOP and work for change from the bottom levels upward. This includes working together for the Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson for President campaign.

On the other side, there are individuals who claim the best method to fight against the establishment within both major political parties is to grow the Libertarian Party in the hopes of bringing down the Republican Party. I asked Alexander Snitker three questions, all of which expressed his belief that all liberty-loving individuals should leave the Republican Party and join the Libertarian Party.

Brian Cole: How long have you been active in the Libertarian Party (LP), and what attracted you to the Libertarian Party?

Alexander Snitker: I have been active in the Libertarian party since I switched over from Independent in 2009. The main attraction to the LP was that it is the party with the platform that best represent–my views and is most in line with the Constitution. It is a party that does not have the reputation of corruption and corporatism like the GOP and the Democrats have with the public at large.

BC: Why do you feel that Libertarians are better off leaving the GOP and joining the Libertarian Party?

AS: There are several reasons for the Liberty minded to belong to the LP instead of the GOP.

First, almost half of Ron Paul supporters refuse to join the GOP considering the rampant corruption within it. If the Liberty minded in the GOP really wanted to unify the movement it would be much easier to leave the GOP and join the Libertarian Party.

Secondly, the struggle to change a party that does not want them there is much more difficult than to join the party that welcomes them with open arms.

Next, unlike the past there are many more people who understand the principles of liberty and understand what it takes to form a winning political party so the argument that this has not worked before is moot. The amount of people who were Libertarians but are no longer in the LP is so large that if these people were to come back home the force we would have would rival the GOP.

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