Ignoring alternate ideologies increases political alienation in America

Unlike many other “free” nations around the world, the mainstream media news channels in the United States forcibly labels all candidates and their constituents with the outdated and inaccurate labels of “Conservative” and “Liberal.” Though evidence clearly demonstrates these two terms fail to encompass large segments of American voters, news outlets refuse to address and correct this contentious matter.

Occasionally, a few of the media outlets may categorize a politician or segment of the electorate as “Moderate” or “Independent.” However, even this additional category fails to accurately and adequately identify the political ideology of millions of Americans who should actually be classified as “none of the above.”

This unwillingness of the mainstream media to address the political diversity in the United States results in the alienation of millions of potentially politically active Americans. Choosing to recognize and respect all legitimate political ideologies across Americans would significantly shift the political tide across the U.S.

The ultimate result would be an awakening of the electorate, and forcing open discussions of many major public policy concerns currently censored by establishment politicians and news outlets.

Why American political categorizations practices are inaccurate and inadequate

In the eyes of the mainstream media, “Conservatives” are individuals supporting government regulation of social issues, but less governmental intrusion into the economic system. This contrasts from the description of “Liberals” who work to increase the bureaucratic control of the economy, but argue for diminished administrative involvement restricting personal freedoms.

As mentioned earlier in the article, a few news journalists choose to use the “Moderate” label to describe voters that represent three different ideologies. When accurately used by the media, this characterization correctly depicts “Centrist” voters. These individuals believe the government should play a definite, but not an excessive, role in regulating both social and economic policy.

The issues that arise from incorrectly labeling ideologies as “Moderate”

There are far too many occasions when the label of “Moderate” is utilized by the mainstream media in a manner that distorts and deceives the perception of the ideology by the American public. Two groups of politically active individuals that are completely at odds with one another cannot be categorized together when they disagree on virtually every major political issue.

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Brought up among family members with strong political opinions, Brian C. Cole soon arrived at this disheartening conclusion: Neither of the two major political parties represented his personal ideologies. In the 1990s, Brian discovered the Libertarian Party and its commitment to free markets, free trade, social tolerance and non-intervention abroad. Brian is a member of the Libertarian Party of Florida, and he has belonged to the Libertarian National Committee since 2004.

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